Black★Rock Shooter Review

I’m a fan of Black★Rock Shooter. The Series tells a very interesting story!

Black★Rock Shooter Release:

  1. Black★Rock Shooter OVA (Anime)
  2. Black★Rock Shooter TV (Anime)
  3. Black★Rock Shooter – Innocent Soul – (Manga)
  4. Black★Rock-Chan (Manga)

1. Black★Rock Shooter OVA

I’ve watched Black★Rock Shooter OVA about  two years ago when it was first release. I was captivated by it.

It was everything I love about anime. It was mysterious. It had a great deal of action. The main drama was about friendship.

Also lets not forget the weapons were amazing!!!

I also liked how the sequence of the story-line events. The story was vague till the end  It’s very interesting!

Overall Rate: 10/10

2. Black★Rock Shooter TV

I’ve watched the Black★Rock Shooter TV few weeks ago. I didn’t like the fact that they made Dead Master wear glasses. I mean so not cool…

Also I didn’t like how Mato was holding back from helping Yomi. I also disliked how things were explained in the end.

I liked the new characters Saya and Kagari. They added some depth to the story. I liked how Mato‘s and Black★Rock Shooter’s worlds were connected. I also loved how violent the fights were!!

Overall Rate: 8/10

3. Black★Rock Shooter -Innocent Soul-

This manga takes place in Threshold (Hazama) a world between heaven and Earth. Black★Rock Shooter helps the people that are trapped in Threshold to move to heaven.

The idea is completely different from the anime yet the manga is still very much enjoyable and Dead Master is sill there.

I’ve very much enjoyed reading the manga. The action is as amazing as the anime.

Overall Rate: 9/10

4. Black★Rock-Chan

This manga starts with Dead Master turning Black★Rock Shooter into a kid by mistake and the manga take a comedy turn.

Overall Rate: –

Note: I didn’t read much of this manga because its a comedy. That’s why there is no rate.

For More information about Black★Rock visit: Official website

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