Mangashoppu is the First Manga online Store in Kuwait.
They have the most popular manga out there.

Mangashoppu participated in Give Kuwait expo which is/was located in Kuwait International Fair – Mishrif  and sponsored by Wataniya Telecom. The expo is 5 days long from April 12-April 16.

I had the opportunity to visit the expo and ask Mangashoppu‘s founder a few question:

Q1: How did you come up with the idea of (Mangashoppu) a local manga online store?
Ans: I first started for myself, then people started asking for manga then I thought why not start a website(Online store).

Q2: How did you indicate what manga will sell in the local market?
Ans: I brought the popular ones that I read, and did some research on what was popular. Also asked the provided which were the most popular manga they had and got them.

Q3: When will the new manga collection be in stock?
Ans: By next month

Q4: How long does delivery take ordering from Mangashoppu?
Ans: It takes 24 hours.

This a picture of Mangashoppu's booth at Give Kuwait expo. booth #47

During my visit I got the following items:

Fallen Vampire (manga) and Bleach All color book.
Gintoki Mini figure
Kon Figure

Check out the site: Mangashoppu
Follow them on twitter: @Mangashopp
Like them on Facebook

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