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No Label Label is a non- profit Kuwaiti Record label that is the first of its kind in Kuwait.

The label released 2 albums and 3 singles:

The First album they release: Suburban man – Easy to Handle Aug 24, 2010

Suburban Man – Easy to Handle Cover

Followed by a single release: Reset String – Going…Nuts!!! – May 21, 2011

Reset String – Going… Nuts!!! cover

Followed by a single release: Reset String – Ghost – Sep 1, 2011

Reset String – Ghost Cover

Followed by an EP release: Suburban man – Contemplating the Suburbs – Sep 03, 2011

Suburban Man – Contemplating the Suburbs Cover

Followed by a Single Release: Easy but Bluesy – I won’t live in a fuckin’ lie – Feb 22, 2012

Easy but Bluesy – I won’t live in a fuckin’ lie Cover

I got a chance to interview the founder of No Label Label & Suburban man’s front man Mr. Ahmad Al-Hamily:

Q1: How did you come up with the name (No Label Label)?
Well, it’s reflective of the everyday man. The man you see on the street that insignificant person. I always wonder how my fellow human beings live and all of that. I came up with the name because I felt like not putting a label on music or individuals according to how they look and before they speak.
“The stick-man figure” I’m obsessed with it. Because everybody could be viewed as a stick-man and I suppose he/she/them must have a say in life.

Q2: What’s the meaning behind the name?

Ans: Well, think of it this way. If you repeat No Label Label more than once sounds silly and idiotic and that might lead to a smile. Or people wanting to kill me. I like humor.

Q3: What’s the main purpose of the label? Or why did you start the label in the beginning?

Ans: I never had anyone to encourage me to pick up the guitar. Or maybe they do but then they hear and go like oooooh no!. But then I heard The Ramones and how awful they played at the beginning and I got hooked on the idea of playing music.
Then I get to discover this record label in Washington DC called Dischord Records and saw what they did to their community and I went like why not. I don’t offer high-def recording, not saying and I’m not willing to go the extra mile to do so but at the end of the day.
If no one played music which I really admire, I guess I will carry on and do it. No harm in that.
Plus with whatever abilities I got. I hope I could help others through the label.

Q4: Where do you hope to see the label in 5 years?

Ans: Let’s see now, I’m 29 and I intend to quit music around the age of 36. For one specific reason. I think 10 years of making music is enough and I hope it resonate with the younger generation and maybe. And just maybe someone will be crazy enough to pursue this same path I’m trying to work on.
Most of the people I admire they got tremendous talent unlike me. But They do music as a side. For instance Greg Ginn of Black Flag and founder of SST Records, He did his thing and still runs the label which is obscure on modern standards.
Plus Ian Mackaye founder of Dischord Records And also founding member of Minor Threat, Fugazi, and other bands, He is still doing it.
However, I’ll be doing it for a period of 10 years and see what happens.

Q5: What is the label working on right now?

Ans: We’re distributing 2 or 3 guys new album and VALAC at the moment. My band (Suburban man) is working on something but this time around. I’ll make sure that everything sounds good and not rush things. And if people are eager to record crappy singles they can always contact moi for it. XD

Q6: Are the bands the label distributing part of the label?

Ans: We don’t own any of the band material. Not even the bands we record and put the stamp on. Owning here means, I don’t get money out of it. However, intellectual prosperity is very important so I make sure that any band who record themselves at my place or and allowed me to distribute would get the right credits for their hard work.
Honesty in the music business is fatal but if Dischord Records made it by being honest Why not go in that direction.

Q7: Is there anyone supporting the Label? And what kind of support is the label getting?

Ans: Yes, specifically Lenineth Blackbird aka Ashwag B. She’s been working on distribution and writing lyrics every once in a while plus Operation Music Awareness Kuwait and Kuwait music their part are doing their part. I dunno even if the whole idea of the label is strange and weird. Just knowing about it is kinda supportive in my book.

Q8: Last words…


Music is what you want it to be.

That’s what drives me every day.

Q9: Shout out:

Kuwait Music, Depth, Voice of the Soul, Benevolent, Jelly shot, Blackwell, Revelerz, Black13Angelz, Freefall, Eyeresist, Bikes n daps (aka Air-trap), Sound of march, Earsplit, Switchback, Fictional aspirin, Chromatic, Reset String, Selda 5C2, Mojolaters, Avant-grade music project, Ashwag B. for being a champ and working on the label and writing lyrics with me, Operation Music Awareness Kuwait, 2 or 3 Guys, MG Just B, VALAC, Bader Nana, Mr. Ali, Hero of Time, Hydra, Bare No Band, Awesome K, The Process of Deception, Crucify the Emperor, DJ Chainsaw, DJ Bruce, Hamad Arty,  Sajid, Sarj Masoud and past, present, and future bands and musicians basically the whole scene. Sorry if I forgot anyone I’m stuuupid but thank you for being part of the scene.

Ahmad Al-Hamily sharing his philosophy on ego-free music

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  1. Thank you Serenity.

    Much respect to what you are doing on your part for the scene. Forever grateful

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