Anime Review: Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki means The Future Diary. The story is about this boy Yuki who gets hold of a future diary. Yuki finds out that Yuno(His classmate) also has a future diary. Both Yuki and Yuno find themselves playing the death game. The thing I liked most about this anime is that you can never guess what’s going to happen next. Even though the main characters hold a future diary the future can change with the change of their actions or so. The battles in that anime were very interesting as well. You never know who’s the enemy or who’s the allay which keeps things interesting.

Episodes: 26
Aired: Oct 9, 2011 to Apr 15, 2012
Genres: Action, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller
Overall Rating: 10/10

2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Mirai Nikki

  1. This anime will be well remembered for ages, I loved it, and loved the “hard to predict” part of the anime too!

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