Downtown Expo.

So today I went to downtown expo. earlier today. Its my favorite expo ever! This is their second year.

You’re probably wondering why/how is it my favorite expo. when it’s only their second year.
Well, its simple I love the idea and decoration.

Visit Downtown Expo. Official website for more information about the expo.

Now as I was there 3 booths got my attention and really stood out:

1. Arshion

The motto truly speaks for the project!

They have the most amazing cloths I’ve ever seen in this country.

Follow @ArshionWear to see their latest fashion updates!

2. Monster Energy

Monster energy the booth had all Monster product from drinks to cloths.

didn’t get lots of information from them and missed the chance to take a picture of the booth x_x.

3. Haunted House

I believe its a great idea to make a show like kinda project specially that its a haunted house.

The costume and make-up were great, from what I’ve seen outside.

The Haunted House wasn’t opened when I got there *sobs* I really wanted to see it.

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