Anime Review: Beck

Beck is one of the most inspiring anime I’ve every seen. Its about this 14 year old boy Tanaka, Yukio who’s your normal teenager when one night he see’s this mismatched dog, who’s owner is a guitarist (Minami, Ryusuke). One thing leads to another and Tanaka, Yukio joins Beck(Minami, Ryusuke’s band) and try to make the band international. The anime has an amazing story that is very inspiring.

General information:

Alternative Title: Beck – Mongolian Chop Squad
Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2004 to Mar 31, 2005
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Music, Shounen, Slice of Life
Overall Rate: 9/10

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5 thoughts on “Anime Review: Beck

  1. I’ve seen the anime, read the manga, and have the soundtracks. I love this anime to death and its certainlly inspiring despite the fact its fiction but most references in the manga are from real bands. Like the Room 13 band was inspired by the Hardcore band Black Flag. The Author is really into his music. Of course he looooves the Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Rage Against the Machine and that seep into BECK aka The Mongolian Chop Squad. A must watch and read.

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