Devil May Cry

About The Game:

Devil May Cry refers to a franchise consisting of five video games that showcase the hack and slash genre. Hideki Kamiya created the franchise, which Capcom developed into the action video games. The story has a contemporary setting. Interestingly, the series was supposedly being developed to become a sequel to the Resident Evil series, which is another popular Capcom offering. However, Devil May Cry showed a completely different style that it was made into a completely new intellectual property, instead.

The focus of the series is the protagonist Dante’s quest for revenge on account of his mother’s murder. So, he has to fight and annihilate demons in heavy combat. Player must try to execute several series of attacks while avoiding get hit in the stylized fight scenes. There is emphasis on variety of attacks that. This somehow maintains the style level.

Recently though, Capcom has passed on the reins to Ninja Theory as developer as officially announced ruing the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. DmC – Devil May Cry, the game developed by Ninja Theory, showcases a parallel universe copy of the protagonist Dante.

General Information:

Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Capcom
Release date: January 15, 2013


Prequel: Devil May Cry 4


Devil May Cry Interview with Alex Jones:

2 thoughts on “Devil May Cry

  1. Its taken me a considerable amount of time to accept the new iterpretation of Dante, but now that I have, Ninja Theory decided to deliberately aggravate me by pushing back its release until the beginning of next year! How dare they?! *shakes fist angrily*

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