Comic book Review: Paul Reveres

About comic:

Remember having to learn about the American Revolution in grade school?

You didn’t do your homework, did you?

You obviously missed the part of our nation’s history where all the battles were fought with electric guitars and awesome hair. It’s a good thing for you, however, someone did pay attention and is prepared to give you these golden tidbits of historically accurate tales.

The first issue of the Paul Reveres is based in Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding towns in 1775. The tight pants are on and the ridiculous stockings are pulled up. The colonists are ready to rock for their independence. (Source: Paul Reveres)

General information:

Type: Webcomic

Creator: Tina Pratt

Issues: 7 (so far)

Official website: Paul Reveres


So I’ve been reading Paul Reveres recent. It a very entertaining comic. It has unique characters, It’s funny and there is a twist to the events of the story. The story is about a battle between the Rebels and the British army, though there is no bloodshed. Its a battle of the bands and who’s the better rocker. The prospective of the story is pretty inspiring and I strongly recommend you reading it!

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