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A few days ago I was followed in instagram by an account called Q8_figures. It turned out that it’s a business for selling anime figures. You might wonder what’s so special about that, you can get figures anywhere. Well my friend they don’t just have any anime figures, they have pretty rare ones. Plus, their anime figures are brought directly from Japan. So, you have rare original figures… You’ll probably think that it must be expensive. It’s not the figure prices are pretty reasonable.

If you’re still not convinced see for yourself:

I got a chance to interview the business owner Mohammad:

Q1: Tell me about the idea behind q8 figure.

Ans: I’m a video game and anime freak for as long as I can remember and I am obsessed with anything Japanese. In 2001 I used to order raw anime collections: figures and collectibles from Japan cause I wanted to be sure it’s authentic. So 3 weeks ago some of my friends were telling me about a new figure store and showing me photos. It was insanely expensive. So I went back to my source in Japan and checked with him and I felt how people suffer to get authentic stuff with reasonable prices. So its more like am helping follow collectors with their hobby. I am really happy cause I am doing something I like. Also the customer is happy getting what they need.

Q2: How did you come up with the idea?

Ans: I’ve been thinking for like 5 years to get my own business. I thought about video games but if there is delay in your video games you will close your store. Authentic and good figures aren’t like video games you can sell a 2008 figure with a higher price now because it’s rare. Figures by time become rare. I was afraid of failing but now I decided to give it a shot. For the first 2 weeks of work, I’m really happy. Though it’s still in progress and I need to improve a lot of stuff. I’m doing my best.

Q3: what is the next step for the project?

Ans: I like the work of a warehouse and catalogs, an online store for figures and collectables. The warehouse is to store goods and deliver them to customers. For now I’m working alone but who knows. The only problem I’m facing right now is that not everyone knows the figure or it’s size. So a YouTube channel might be a solution to video the box the size of the box in 3 dimensions. There is also the fact that I’m targeting certain type of customers. People that are looking for authentic stuff because there is a lot of people cheating and selling Chinese fake figures. There are also people that don’t need or care for authentic stuff.

Q4: Who supported or encouraged you, when you first started the project?!

Ans: just me, my wife always said that I will be good in any business. I have a good mind, and I was thinking a lot. Then I decided to start and give it a shoot. I though even if I were to fail I won’t lose anything, at least I tried. Now I am addicted. I’m monitoring stuff 3 to 4 times a day, ordering, combining, calculating, to get the best results for me and the customers.

Q5: If you get a chance to cooperate with another anime related business, figures or otherwise would you do it?! Like if a store asked you to put the products you sell in their store for sale would you go for it?!

Ans: No, I want work alone or with my friends only. I’m not selling stocks. I’m only selling one to two pieces of each item. Plus it’s important to me not to mix the fake with the original.

Q6: For those who aren’t familiar with the idea of collecting anime figures as a hobby, what would you like to tell them?!

Ans: Its a hobby like any other hobby. At least when you collect figures they portrait themselves as painting unlike stamps and coins. There is also the art of placing figures. They just can’t be all over the place.

Q7: What figures will we find in stoke by the next month?!

Ans: Well depends, everyday there are additions. The business is expanding, there are shirts coming soon, and a lot of figures. I’ve decided to place photos in instagram and write the release, the approximate time of the item’s arrival and updating sold items by writing “sold” in the comment. I’ll bring authentic one piece shirts from cospa the best Japanese company there is. Even though most of them are rare, back ordered and it’s a real pain to get sizes. Still I’m waiting for them soon inshallah. Let’s hope everything goes well. I don’t place pictures in instagram that I might not get. So all the items in instagram are guaranteed. With time and budget I’ll try to get everything: Key-chains, pendants, mugs, manga, special DVDs, blue-ray, plush, chibi characters, and there are also small towels. So pretty much everything anime related.

For More information: Follow @Q8_figures

4 thoughts on “Q8 Figures

  1. Great to see some decent business men who get authentic goods with a reasonable price, specially goods from Japan.. well more specifically figures! Nice job nailing an interview with the owner and wish him all the best inshallah!

  2. Hmm. An interesting interview. Though I’m not that big into figure collecting, whenever an interview is done I usually find it an enjoyable and insightful read. So kudos for providing the interview :3

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