Book Review: The Truth about You


In this book, you’ll learn:

How to identify your primary strengths, interests and weaknesses
How to find a job that meets them
How to mold your job to your personality

General Information:

Author:Marcus Buckingham
No. of Pages:112


The truth about you is not just a book it’s an 3 level experience. This experience starts with an Enhance DVD. The DVD reveals how and why you should find your strength. Then it initiates to the next level which is the hard cover book. The book basically explains how you can find your strengths and how to over come your weakness. The experience ends with the rememo pad or shall I say that’s when the initiation begins. That’s when you put what you’ve learned into action. I found this book to be pretty interesting because I know a lot of people that could use it.

I personally realized a lot of things after reading that book. Plus, I’ve learned to accept my weakness. Which is a pretty big deal. I strongly recommend this book for everyone that haven’t still decided what they want to do with their life and I also strongly recommend it for those that aren’t satisfied with their current jobs.

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