Restaurant Review: Elevation Burger


I know I’m late to review this restaurant but I just tried it today. I went to Elevation Burger with two of my cousins so all 3 of us will be writing this review!!

I have to say the burger was moist and delicious. You have to go and try it. I had the cheeseburger with caramelized onions, balsamic mustard, lettuce and pickles. The bun was soft, meat patty juicy, lettuce and pickles fresh and crispy,caramelized onions and balsamic mustard were a sweet addition to bring everything together;).
I will give it a 3.75/5.

Finally! I’ve been anxiously waiting to try this ultimate burger whom everyone has been bragging about. Now that I have tried It i would have to say that it is delisiosa. The fact that the burger is organic just makes it 10 times better. Guilt free at least. I would definitely try it again although I would have to say that I believe that there are better burgers out there. So the search for the best best burger is still on.
Rate: 3/5

I’ve been wanting to try elevation for a while now. So I’ve ordered an elevation burger with muster, mayo, caramelized onion, pickles and lattes. The burger was moist to a point where it melts in your mouth. The bun was delicious. I also ordered cheese fries which was surprisingly good. I’m not a fan of fries, Just saying. I would defiantly eat there again.
Rate: 4/5


Yes, it was that good!

Elevation burger location:
Alhamra tower, second floor

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