Education in Kuwait

This is my personal experience with education in kuwait

I graduated from a government high school with a low GPA(“D” student) in Science Major. I got a low GPA due to the fact that I’m dyslexic and none of my teachers believed that I had dyslexia. I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, I’m only stating a fact. I was a late graduate, which means I finished after a summer course. By the time I finished all colleges, universities, institutes have closed their doors for applying.
Due to the circumstance I had to stay home for a whole semester. Later on, I was told that PAAET is opened for registration. So I went there and applied. They told me that I could only be accepted in special training courses and that I could choose any major I want. When I went to the special training courses to choose the major I wanted they said I wouldn’t be able to get in the computer programming course and that I had to choose a different major.
At the point, you could only imagine my frustration. Though within a month I got accepted to a computer programming course. My special training course was in an institute called Qualitas. As I was studying there, rumors were spreading around saying that we can complete our studies with the special training course diploma. I had to confirm that information so I went to PAAET admission office and asked them about rumors. Turns out it’s just a rumor.
As I am eager for knowledge and getting a higher degree I asked around. I was told that Box Hill College would accept me and I can complete my studies after I get my diploma from there. Let me just mention that a lot have changed from high school to PAAET. I became an “A” student and finished a year of Qualitas diploma. I applied to Box Hill during that time and got accepted there. So I was now studying at both Qalitas institute and Box Hill college. I studied hard. I had literally no social life. I went from an “A” student to a 4.0 student.
After that semester I heard rumors that I might not be able to complete my studies after I finish Box Hill. So I kept asking the college if I could, they were convinced that its possible. So I trusted them. Little have I known. I was studying Web development/System administration… Box Hill used to offer a dual ICT diploma. Now they only offer a web development diploma. Anyways so by that time. I graduated from PAAET (Qualitas special trianing institution) with a 3.7 GPA which mean excellent student with honer. I don’t know if that was supposed to be surprising to me, but turned out I can’t use the PAAET diploma for anything. I still had Box Hill, still studying, getting A’s.
Now I’ve graduated from Box Hill college with a 3.5 GPA and I went looking for a university. I went to GUST they told me they would only transefer 27 credits which is less than a year and it doesn’t allow me to get a scholarship. Then I went to Ministry of higher education, they said that they don’t send diploma student to study abroad. So I went to PAAET they said they can accept me on my special training diploma if I’ve worked for 4 years first. (I don’t know why I would need to study if I’ve settled in a job for 4 years).
So I went to AUK I was told that they accept students from Box Hill. I waited there in line and got to see one of the employees. I don’t want to mention the details, but as rude as she was I had to leave her office. Apperantly they accept all majors from our college except for ICT which is my major. So the only university left that has my major is AUM. I went there and waited for 2 hours to be told that they don’t accept diploma students.

At this moment I have 3 diplomas, (Web Development/System Administration/Computer programing) that I’ve finished in 3.5 years… With an outstanding GPA. Yet zero chance to complete my studies. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the gapping holes in this story or how disfunction the Education system is…

I came up with these conclusions if the problem was with me… (which I’m sure it’s not me)

I’m either:
– Unlucky.
– Too ambitious.
– Too good for this education system.

Since we all know I’m not the problem here.

Maybe…. Just maybe.

They should ensure “A” students a chair in a univirsity before they finish college

I forgot to mention something really important here… Even with all my 3 diplomas I can’t get a job. Which is the most disturbing annoying part…

6 thoughts on “Education in Kuwait

    1. Actually, they need to approve of the universities, and colleges we already have. And make sure that we can get a job with the diploma or bachelor or at least make sure that we can complete our studies

  1. It’s unfortunate how the education system here is less advanced than the stone age; I do believe you should have done the checking before taking the plunge so you don’t get into this situation…

    I studied in an American school here, which did not prepare me at all for the onslaught of university in AUB… I messed up my first two years before I managed to straighten myself (and graduated on time too).

    Also, getting a job these days is near impossible. My suggestion is get a wasta job, get some experience, and then start moving on your own. We all need that push.

    1. The thing is I haven’t struggled with college studies, and I did ask before I went there. The problem is that they are full of empty promises. And I haven’t even spoke about the actual stuff I studied… They made me retake subject I already finished…

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