Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2


Today I went to see the last movie of the Twilight saga Breaking Dawn part 2. I’ll assume that everyone knows twilight so I won’t write any information, I’ll just write the review.



At first, I really thought that the movie would be like any of the others “unsatisfying”. Though I was wrong, it’s very different from all the others. They made some changes that made the movie much better than the book and all the earlier movies. To chart the twilight movies from better to worst, I would arrange them as Breaking Dawn Part 2, Eclipse, New moon, Breaking Dawn Part 1, then any other movie in the world, then Twilight. ;p It’s just that I really didn’t like twilight at all.

So Breaking Dawn part 2 is a must. You should totally check it out. I don’t think that movie would disappoint anyone story wise. There were some technical flaws with the graphic, directing and stuff like that… But you better choose to overlook them ;p. anyway it’s a nice movie that I think is worth watching.

Overall Rate: 3.75/5

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