Playstation 4 Event


The Playstation event that took place today was very exciting since it was 2 hours of introducing Playstation 4, and upcoming games for the platform. They also revealed the new controller. PS4 uses the X86 CPU and has 8GB of memory and a local hard drive. It uses APU technology and GDDR5 memory. That means the video games are gonna be graphically better. PS4 improved social network and online game play. You can also use psvita to play PS4 games.


Game titles that made me want to get the PS4:

InFamous: Second Son


Killzone: Shadow Falls


Capcom announced a new game tittle called Deep Down. As for Square Enix they only showed an old trailer. Then they mentioned that there is a new Final Fantasy game coming for the PS4 and it’s gonna be revealed in E3 later this year.

These were the highlights from today’s event.


Ps: there were more games announced…

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