Restaurant Review: Red Lobster


The other day I went to Red Lobster for Lunch. As you can tell from the restaurant name it specialized in lobster and sea food. The restaurant was pretty nice, decoration wise and it’s a cool place to go eat with family or friends.

The staff was very nice, as soon as I sat they told me about the day’s special and brought biscuits. The biscuits were freshly baked and very delicious.

After that they brought the drink I ordered which is called hurricane it kinda tastes like peach or passion fruit, it was pretty tasty.

Then came the appetizer, I have a sweet tooth so I ordered the coconut shrimp.

Oh, where shall I begin with the taste, it’s crunchy outside and soft inside. It will melt In your mouth as you would taste a hint of sweetness. It’s absolutely delicious.
Then they brought the main dishes I ordered lobster tail with beef steak and mashed potato. I’m not sure what the dish is called ;p.

I have to say that this dish has the best combination ever. The steak was medium rare which means its moist and not chewy. The lobster tail was amazingly delicious, it’s meat is very soft and moist. As for the mashed potato it had the right amount of spices and was pretty delicious.

I would totally go eat there again, and absolutely recommend it.

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