Anime on your phone and tablet

Now you can watch your favorite anime online via mobile or tablet!! Exciting right!

Lately I’ve been trying to watch anime on my iPad but it was very difficult find video websites that work on the iPad. My friend told me about this awesome website that would help!

Anime On Hand


The website had a large variety of anime old and new. It even had anime movies, and the latest anime release.


There were two problems with the website though:

  1. I couldn’t find some anime series I wanted to watch there.
  2. the latest anime updates are about a week late.

To visit anime on hand website click here.

Due to the problems I mentioned earlier… I looked for a different website.



I think a lot of people know this website it’s pretty popular, though I’ve recently found out that there is a mobile version of the site.

The anime are up to date and the variety is even larger than anime on hand is.

To visit the website click here.

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