Game Review: Bastion – iPad

Plot: The game takes place in the aftermath of the Calamity, a catastrophic event that suddenly fractured the city of Caelondia as well as the surrounding areas of the game’s world into many floating pieces, disrupting its ecology and reducing its people to ash. Players take control of the Kid, a silent protagonist who awakens … More Game Review: Bastion – iPad

Manga Review: Black★Rock Shooter – Innocent Soul –

Summary: The story follows a girl in the “Threshold” (狭間, Hazama), a world beween Heaven and Earth. “Impure souls”—those that could not ascend to Heaven with the burden of their own weight—have drifted to this world of constant warfare. (Source: ANN) General Information: Type: Manga Volumes: 3 Chapters: 12 Status: Finished Published: Jun 4, 2011 … More Manga Review: Black★Rock Shooter – Innocent Soul –