Ramadan Mubarak everyone!! Today’s topic is Oreo sweet by @Osweetq8. As i was checking Instagram the other day I came across this account:


The pictures there were so tempting!! So I had to try it.


They have different flavors as you can see. I got a mix and tried almost all of them. They’re mouth watering!!

List of flavors:

  • O-Brownies
  • O-Nutella
  • O-Double
  • O-Galaxy
  • O-Origenal
  • O-Caremal

I must say they are all testy. My personal favorite were the O-Galaxy, O-Brownies and O-Double. They were all delicious. Eating this sweet will be a new experience for you. It looks hard on the outside but one you bite it’ll melt in your mouth as you indulge the rich flavor. It’s O-Sweet and oh how it’s sweet!! I totally recommend you try it.


contact information:
Instagram: @Osweetq8
whatsapp: 94999679

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