Anime Review: Hanasaku Iroha



After her single mother decides to run off with a boyfriend to dodge debt collectors, the young and energetic Ohana is sent to live with her grandmother. However, her grandmother is the strict owner of a hot springs inn and requires her to work at the inn to pay for her living expenses. Although Ohana is unhappy about this situation at first, she decides to make the best of her situation and work hard. Ohana’s life is suddenly filled with fun, mischief, and drama! [Written by MAL Rewrite]

General Information:

Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 25, 2011
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life, Seinen
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older



I’m a huge fan of [Slice of Life] anime. Hanasaku Iroha has an amazing story. Its so heart warming and very beautiful. The story is about family, friendship, change, love and hard work. You won’t be able to have enough once you start the anime its just beautiful. Specially how different characters blind in together and how they can work together to achieve their own goals. Also, how a place that helped them meet each other hold certain values to those people. I very much recommend this anime, you won’t regret it and you will wonder why did it take you this long to watch it. Its a great anime.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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