Manga Review: Shoujo Kakumei Utena


Utena Tenjou had a tragic childhood – her parents died when she was young, and she almost drowned, had it not been for her prince who came and rescued her. Because of the impact this prince had on her life, Utena strives to be just like him – to grow up to be a prince, not a princess, and to spread nobility, ultimately finding her prince and bringing revolution. (Source: ANN)

General Information:

Type: Manga
Volumes: 5
Chapters: 24
Status: Finished
Published: Jun 1996 to 1997
Genres: Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Psychological, Shoujo, Shoujo Ai
Authors: Be-Papas (Story), Saitou, Chiho (Story & Art)
Serialization: Ciao


After watching Utena’s movie I had to know more about the series so I watched the anime and then read the manga. The anime is kinda unimportant compared to the manga. The manga is absolutely amazing. There are some stuff in the manga that are not included in neither the movie or the anime which I think are important. There is more character development in Utena in the manga. The ending was beautiful. It also made me understand Anthy more I think. I fallen in love with Utena after reading the manga, not that I wasn’t already in love with her but she seemed more real to me. I also loved how straight forward the manga is. The special chapter were pretty good too. The stories there were better told in the manga than the anime. Therefore I highly recommend the manga. Also if you are interested in knowing the difference between the manga and the anime just watch the last 3 episodes of the anime. I should also mention that the ending of the anime is different from the manga and different from the movie. Though the essence of the story is the same in all of them.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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