Review: IS – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei



Haru Hoshino (Saki Fukuda) was born with common traits from both male and female sexes. Haru did not have a sexual reassignment surgery as a child. Since an early age Haru has been raised as a boy, but during Haru’s teen years must now be raised as a girl …

General Information:

Original writing by: Chiyo Rokuhana
Screenwriter: Terada Toshio, Iwamura Masako
Genre: Drama
No. of episodes: 10
Origin: Japan
Original run: July 18, 2011 – September 19, 2011


This series is based on a manga with the same title. The reason I decided to review this is because many people don’t understand what I.S. is or what it means and this show explains it in an amazing way. I.S stands for intersexual, as the title of the show says Neither a male or a female.They are born with a gender issue… I don’t wanna go into details they explain it better in the show. It is an amazing show and awesome plot its different from the manga in some ways but the idea is the same which is addressing the IS issue. I highly recommend it it will give you a better understanding about the issue. This show will surely give you a different view to the world… I know it did for me.

Overall Rate: 8/10

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