Japanese Candy from Oyatsubox – July

This is the July 2014 candy box, I’ve subscribed in Oyatsubox.com to receive a box full of Japanese snacks. These are the snacks that I’ve received this month.

List of Snacks:

– Kracie Tsureta Gummy Kit: Ramune
– Kameda Happy Turn Senbei
– Lotte Chocolate Pie
– Pote Long: Wasabi
– Cheese Curry Cup Noodle
– Nobel Super Mario Gummy
– Shaka Shaka Gummy
– Sakuma Milk Grape Candy

What I’ve tried to far is the Kameda Happy Turn Senbei, its a pack of rice crackers and its very yummy. I’ve also tried the Lotte Chocolate Pie, its not very chocolaty but it had a nice texture to it, I liked it. Also as I mentioned in the video I’ll post of video of making the Kracie Tsureta Gummy Kit: Ramune and I”ll tell you how I like it afterwards.

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