Unboxing: Omega Quintet [Limited Edition]

About Omega Quintet In a world overrun by a mysterious, malevolent darkness, the only hope for humanity rests in the music of singing idols known as “Verse Maidens”. Wielding weapons of sound, they are tasked with fighting back evil and restoring the world, but it won’t be easy! These five plucky girls – with the … More Unboxing: Omega Quintet [Limited Edition]

Game Review: Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps-

Summary: Surrounded by immense walls in the middle of a forest, lies the Saint Angraecum Academy. Suoh Shirahane, a girl with a wounded heart, enrolls in the academy that is teeming with young beauties. Due to certain reasons, this young girl has always remained indoors, and has never been touched by anyone outside of her … More Game Review: Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps-