Game Review: Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps-


Surrounded by immense walls in the middle of a forest, lies the Saint Angraecum Academy. Suoh Shirahane, a girl with a wounded heart, enrolls in the academy that is teeming with young beauties.
Due to certain reasons, this young girl has always remained indoors, and has never been touched by anyone outside of her family. She’s not the most social person, but her new school’s experiment, called “Amitié,” will require her to make friends with others, as the program’s goal is to optimize the ability of communication.
The “friends” provided by the academy, and a faint feeling of love towards them. In the midst of a quiet academy life, the strange disappearance of an academy student occurs…

General Information:

Genre: Graphic Novel, Adventure, Yuri, Romance
Developer: Innocent Grey
Publisher: Innocent Grey & Prototype
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable
Release Date: PC – April 18th, 2014, PSV – Oct 9th, 2014



 Flowers is the first visual novel I’ve played. The art have captured my attention and I just had to play it. In the game you play as an shy girl named Suoh Shirahane. Throughout the game you meet different characters and you interact with them, your chooses lead you to different paths. You lost each time you fail to solve a mystery. I really enjoyed the mystery solving aspect along with the interactions that happen with the character. The hardest task for me was getting Mayuri to fall in love with Souh (the two girls in the picture above). Specially since I learned that she’s in love with Rika. The link I’ll be leaving below helped me figure out how to get Mayuri to like Souh. Even after that the ending of the game was kinda sad yet beautiful at the same time. The art is breathtaking, and the music of the game is really good. The game is almost fully voice acted so its easy to understand. The only unvoiced sections of the game are Souh‘s inner thoughts. Nevertheless that wont ruin the game experience for you. If your a Yuri fan make sure you play this game. Its a really good yuri story.

Overall Rate: 5/5

click here for the guide to platinum the game.


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