Review: Tron Uprising



Beck is a young program, who becomes the leader of a revolution inside the computer world of the Grid against the villainous Clu and his henchmen. Beck, a mechanic, is trained by Tron, the greatest warrior the Grid has ever known. Tron not only trains Beck in the fighting and light cycle skills to challenge the brutal military occupation of the city of Argon, but also guides and mentors him to grows beyond his youthful, impulsive nature into a courageous and powerful leader. Beck adopts Tron’s persona and becomes the enemy of General Tesler and his oppressive forces.

General Information:

Genre: Action, Science fiction, Drama
No. of seasons:
No. of episodes: 19
Origin: United State
Original Language: English
Original run: May 18, 2012 – January 28, 2013



Tron is one of my favorite super heroes. It is not your usual super hero story but its one of my favorites. This cartoon is about a kid named Beck whom Tron asks of to become the new Tron. The cartoon is full of action and criminal chasing. The story was pretty deep… I mean this is not a kids cartoon. I would rate it PG 13. The villains in there are amazing they are not the bad to be bad kind of villains and there was a lot of story twists. Its one of the most interesting Super hero cartoons I’ve ever come across. The way Tron cartoon is animated is like the first Appleseed movie. The thing I loved most about it is the motorcycle races… well its chasing but its really good. It made me sad to learn that there weren’t going to be a second season but that one season was pretty great. I do recommend, don’t hate just because its a cartoon or your not used to the animation… give it a try.

Overall Rate: 8/10

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