Review: The Legend of Korra – Book 4: Balance



Book Four: Balance is the fourth and final season of the animated television series The Legend of Korra. The season is set three years after the previous season. It deals with Avatar Korra’s journey of self-discovery following the physical and psychological injuries she incurred in the fight with Zaheer and with unrest in the Earth Kingdom where Kuvira, formerly a security officer in Suyin Beifong’s service, seeks to seize power by military force.

General Information:

Create by: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino
Written by: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Tim Hedrick, Joshua Hamilton
Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy-drama
No. of seasons:
No. of episodes: 52
Origin: United State
Original Language: English
Original run: April 14, 2012 – December 19, 2014


For all those people that keep saying anime is better than cartoon because of the story… watch Legend of Korra season 4. Season 4 started with Korra being in a very dark place. Its amazing how they showed the Journey that Korra been through to find herself again. I love the way Korra and Asami‘s relationship developed. I’m also glad that they didn’t try to bring Korra and Mako back together. I was so happy for Bolin for scoring a hot chick and I’m always cheering for them. Kuvira is my second favorite villain, she out done herself with the Mecha action. All her battles were the best in Legend of Korra series.

There was this one episode though that pissed me off… it was a recap of the whole story… they really didn’t have to do that. They should’ve just gave us some Korrasami action instead. I guess they did make up for that fail episode in the ending. The season had a great ending for a great series. I mean Korra and Asami going on their first date. What a great way to end the show.

Overall Rate: 9.5/10

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