Manga Review: Philosophia



Ai-chan, a pretty student in her first year in a university, meets Tomo after she asks for a cigarette light from Ai. An apathetic, budding friendship ensues as they try and survive everyday university life together with the help of their daily does of caffeine and nicotine.

General Information:

Type: Manga
Volumes: 1
Chapters: 6
Status: Finished
Published: Dec 30, 2010 to Dec 30, 2012
Genres: Romance, Yuri, Slice of Life, Doujinshi
Authors: Amano, Shuninta (Story & Art)


I was speechless when I finished this manga. The manga is about this girl that never believed in love. Then she meets this random person who asks her for a cigarette. Now I thought that would be a love at first sight typical romance manga right… but that wasn’t the case. The manga is purely slice of life. meaning its about this girls life and a person she happened to meet in college who asked for a cigarette. At the same time the manga had a kind of physiological aspect to it. As in the girl was influenced by that acquaintance a great deal. To be honest I myself never had such version or way of seeing things. So it was very interesting to see how both characters were going through and the way each one of them think. I wasn’t a fan of the ending I felt like it was rushed. Though the story is very good.

Overall Rate: 8/10

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