News: Fire Emblem Fates E3


About Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates revolves around two warring nations: the peaceful Hoshido, and the glory-seeking Nohr. The player character Corrin (カムイ Kamui)—whose name, appearance, and gender can be customized by the player—can choose to side with either of them, which makes the plot branch into two different directions. If the player chooses to side with Hoshido, the playthrough will be similar to that of previous Fire Emblem games, having the player fighting against the war-mongering Nohr; if they instead choose to side with Nohr, the game will be much more difficult, requiring the player to revolutionize the Nohr kingdom from the inside. In the third DLC route, the player will make a startling discovery that causes them to side with neither kingdom.

General Information:

Genre: tactical role-playing
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Series: Fire Emblem
Release Date: 2016
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Website: Click Here

E3 Trailer:

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