Game Review: Bayonetta 2


About Bayonetta 2:

A few months after the events of the original Bayonetta… Something strange is happening. Angels suddenly appear on the streets and begin to attack. Bayonetta tries to fight back using her powers, but the demon she summons turns against her! Jeanne saves Bayonetta during the battle, but gets dragged down to Inferno. With only a short time to save Jeanne’s soul, Bayonetta heads for Fimbulventr—which supposedly has a door to the underworld. What lies ahead for Bayonetta?

General Information:

Genre: action, hack and slash
Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Creator: PlatinumGames
Series: Bayonetta
Release Date: October 24, 2014


I’m a huge Bayonetta fan shes the sexiest female character in a game. After playing the first game I got super excited when I heard about the second game announcement. I bought a Wii U just to play Bayonetta and I got to say it was worth it. To be honest I thought Nintendo would downgrade the game from Mature to Teen (if you played Bayonetta you would understand why I was concerned). Though thank god they didn’t they did however add a Nintendo touch to it. The CG artwork was gorgeous Platinum did a great job.

The game in general was pretty short 8-10 hours of game play. Though they were the best hours I’ve spent in my life. I liked the battle system. I loved Bayonetta‘s transformation specially when she turns into a panther. There was a part in the game where you get to fly a plan that was crazy fun. I liked the fact that they kept the Japanese voice acting. Its always better to play a game with Japanese VA. Fighting demons was just as fun as fighting the angels. Seriously even though the game wasn’t long, it was one of the best games I’ve experienced yet. I highly recommend it. If you don’t own a Wii U yet you better get one of Bayonetta.

Overall Rate: 5/5

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