Anime Review: Ange Vierge


General Information:

Type: TV
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jul 10, 2016 to Sep 25, 2016
Premiered: Summer 2016
Producers: Grooove
Studios: Silver Link.
Source: Card game
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity


The story of the card game follows what happens when “Hairou” portals suddenly open, fusing five different worlds together. As a result, various mysterious “Exceed” powers are awakened in teenaged girls. An academy for these so-called “Progress” girls is built on the isolated Seiran Island in the Pacific. (Source: ANN)



Ange Vierge is a moe anime. The anime is based on a card game. Its like a combination between date a live and Selector Infected WIXOSS. There was lots of action and drama. The characters abilities and powers were interesting. What I liked most is the idea of different world and how they made it seem like each character came out from one. The overall plot was a bit boring though I mean its about C class Heroes trying to overcome SSS Heroes. Personally I find that to be boring. The anime did contain a sum amount of Girls Love which seemed a bit all over the place. Ange Vierge was enjoyable, however it wasn’t great.

Overall Rate: 6/10

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