The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Comic Available for Pre-Order

The wait for Legend of Korra comic is almost over. You can pre-order the comic now!!!

The Yuri Empire

The purpose of this post is a simple one: Entice as many people to pick up the Korra comics as possible.

Korra Comic 1 Cover.jpg

Nearly two years ago the announcement was made that Korra’s story would continue in comic book format after the animated series’ conclusion, similar to Aang’s story years prior. The publishers over at Dark Horse also promised they would continue the relationship of a certain duo. Well let’s just say as part of an unintentional sneak peek (or maybe it was)…they kept their promise. Basically not only are fans getting more Avatar action from Team Korra but also more from the duo that blew up the mainstream the same way Ellen Degeneres did 20 years ago (as of the year this post was written to be exact).

Pre=order the comic HERE. Take advantage of the early discount while it lasts.

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