Anime Review: Active Raid

General Information:

Type: TV
Genres: Comedy, Mecha, Police, Sci-Fi
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 12 each
Aired: Jan 7, 2016 to Mar 24, 2016 & Jul 11, 2016 to Sep 26, 2016
Premiered: Winter 2016/ Summer 2016
Producers: Sotsu, Magic Capsule, flying DOG, Fields
Licensors: Bandai Entertainment
Studios: Production IMS, Orange
Source: Original
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


After the Quicksand Disaster sunk large swaths of Tokyo, fast reconstruction now requires the use of powerful exoskeletons. Although most of these exoskeletons are used for good, once they fall into the hands of criminals or the criminally-minded, they can become a danger for the citizens of Tokyo. More commonly called the “the Eighth” only, the Mobile Assault Division is properly equipped to handle criminals empowered by their own exoskeletons. Such overpowered criminals require equally powered police officers. By connecting their minds to the ACTIVE system, members of the Mobile Assault Division, better known as the “Willwearers”, step into their exoskeletons and become superhuman.

Not every unit in the Mobile Assault Division is well respected. One unit of the M.A.D., Unit 18, unfortunately has a bad reputation due to their reckless and destructive way of solving crimes. That’s where Assistant Inspector Asami Kazari comes in. Although she is young, her experience in handling tough situations is unmatched. Can she pull the team together and help save the public image of the entire armored police force? Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachi Gakari focuses on the efforts Asami Kazari must undertake to reign in a careless police unit.

Set in a part of Tokyo that has descended into a quagmire, the story follows Unit 8 of the 5th Special Public Security Section’s 3rd Mobile Assault Division, popularly called “The Eighth,” who don powered armor “Willwear” exoskeletons to counter the rise in crime. (Source: ANN)


Active Raid Reminded me alot of Gatchaman when I first started watching it. The suite looked similar to those in Gatchaman. Few episodes into the anime it started to remind me of Tiger and bunny. The reason why it reminded me of tiger and bunny is the fighters and the action. Then it shefted back to reminding me of gatchaman. So if you liked these two anime, you’ll love this one.

In active raid the story revolves around the police force. The first season of the anime was good but it got even better in the second season. The action was better and the story was taking some interesting turns. I really liked the animation and character designes. I also liked the soundtracks ot the anime. They had an interesting lineup of voice actors.

Overall the anime was enjoyable. Its worth watching.

Overall Rate: 7.5/10

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