Game Review: The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure game video game developed and published by Telltale Games. Based on The Walking Dead comic book series.

The game takes place in the same fictional world as the comic, with events occurring shortly after the onset of the zombie apocalypse in Georgia. However, most of the characters are original to the game, which centers on university professor and convicted criminal Lee Everett, who helps to rescue and subsequently care for a young girl named Clementine. Kirkman provided oversight for the game’s story to ensure it corresponded to the tone of the comic, but allowed Telltale to handle the bulk of the developmental work and story specifics. Some characters from the original comic book series also make in-game appearances.

Unlike many graphic adventure games, The Walking Dead does not emphasize puzzle solving, but instead focuses on story and character development. The story is affected by both the dialogue choices of the player and their actions during quick time events, which can often lead to, for example, certain characters being killed, or an adverse change in the disposition of a certain character or characters towards Lee. The choices made by the player carry over from episode to episode. Choices were tracked by Telltale, and used to influence their writing in later episodes.

General Information:

Genre: Graphic adventure, Episodic, Interactive Drama
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platform: Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360
ESRB: M – Mature
Release Date: April and November 2012


Before playing this game I heard a lot of good praises about the game. After playing the first the walking dead I can understand why. The game has a compelling story about the relationship between Clementine and Lee. How they took care of each other and grew close together in a short while. He was a father figure to her.

The game is very dramatic and if you can handle drama do check it out, if not don’t check it out. The game is extremely depressing. I was playing it while watching fear the waking dead and once I finished the game I couldn’t continue the show because of how depressing it was. I had to wait for the series to end to watch it all together. Its a very well written story. However, I don’t like intense tragedies like that. So play the game at your own risk.

Overall Rate: 3.5/5

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