Anime Review: BanG Dream!

General Information:

Type: TV
Genres: Music
Episodes: 13
Aired: Jan 21, 2017 to Apr 22, 2017
Premiered: Winter 2017
Producers: OLM, HoriPro, Bushiroad, Tokyo MX, Good Smile Company, Overlap, Bushiroad Music
Licencors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Xebec, Issen
Source: Manga
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


Since she was very young, Kasumi Toyama has always been searching for the “Star Beat”, a sparkling and exciting sound she heard while looking up at the night sky. Just after getting into high school, Kasumi comes across a “star-shaped guitar” in the storage area of an old pawn shop. Feeling a rush and excitement she has never felt before, Kasumi teams up with four other girls and embarks on a journey to seek out the shiny place. We promise to perform a live here! (Source: Official site)


Bang Dream is a delightful moe anime about music bands. The anime story is a bit more dramatic than K-On! for example. The anime felt very realistic in terms of the problems the bands was facing. I loved the fact that the anime was more focused on the band as a whole rather than individual characters. Saying that doesn’t mean that the character’s individuality was ignored its just that they were focused on the band as well. The music was amazing every band had their own music theme and style of music. It was very exciting and inspiring. Its probably one of the most inspiring music anime I’ve came across.

If you liked K-On! you will probably like this one even though the amount of drama is more like Beck. If you generally like Music anime you will love this one.

Overall Rate: 8/10

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