Anime Review: Rolling☆Girls

General Information:

Type: TV
Genres: Action, Adventure, Slice of Life, Super Power
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jan 11, 2015 to Mar 29, 2015
Premiered: Winter 2015
Producers: Dentsu, Shochiku, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Pony Canyon, Movic
Licencors: Funimation
Studios: Wit Studio
Source: Original
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


In a dystopian future where Japan’s political organization has crumbled after the Great Tokyo War, Japan is broken up into 10 independent nations, with each nation controlled by a gang led by a “Best,” a human-proclaimed prophet with destructive superpowers. Nozomi Moritomo is a “Rest”—a normal girl that has just started out as a rookie in the local gang. She wants to help the Best Masami Utoku, her childhood friend and role model, in the ongoing territorial dispute.

When Masami becomes severely injured and unable to fight, Nozomi decides to go on a mission to complete the requests sent to Masami from all over Japan. Along the way, she meets Yukina Kosaka, a shy girl with no sense of direction; Ai Hibiki, an upbeat girl who loves eating; and Chiaya Misono, a quiet and mysterious girl that wears a gas mask. Together, the four girls travel all over the country on their motorcycles while getting involved in territorial wars, disagreements, and even suspicious conspiracies. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Rolling Girls is one of the most random Anime I’ve came across. It has that Kamen Rider feel to it in a moe environment. Its worth mention that the anime had unique background setting that I’ve never seen in anime before. Since the anime is moe it is super cute. Also almost all the characters are girl. So there are those Senpai moment in it. The characters has an interesting journey that was fun to watch. However I couldn’t help but to feel like the anime was missing something. That’s probably because of the randomness and chaos in it.

The anime is animated by Wit Studio the studio responsible for (Shingeki no Kyojin, and Owari no Seraph). Therefore the action in the anime is amazing.

Check the anime out and let me know what you thought about it.

Overall Rate: 6/10

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