Short lived Comedy TV shows


There are some comedy TV shows that didn't make it to season 2.

Crowded (2016)


Crowded is about a couple who want to enjoy their middle age life since their kids left for college. However their kids were back the next day along with the couples parents. Actress Miranda Cosgrove known from iCarly was one of the main characters in Crowded. The show wasn’t very funny that’s probably why it got cancelled.

Angel from Hell (2016)


Angel from Hell main character roles were played by Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson. The series was very funny. However the plot felt rushed. There were a lot of points about the series that could’ve been dragged and the series could’ve expanded on a course of 3 seasons at least but it was rushed which is a shame. I really enjoyed it and thought it was quite funny.

Mary + Jane (2016)


Mary and Jane was just hilarious. It was also unpredictable. Its about two girls living together that one day decided to sell weed. The show is about their weed business and what problems they encounter while dealing weed. I’m not sure why it got cancelled but if you want a good laugh give it a try.

No Tomorrow (2016-2017)


No tomorrow is a show about a guy who believes that the world is going to end soon and is living his life on the edge. he encounters an uptight girl and teacher her how to enjoy life. I won’t go as far as calling this show a comedy. It wasn’t about the comedy it was more about making the best out of this life. I had mixed feeling about the show so I’m not sure if I should recommend it or not.

Powerless (2017)


Powerless staring Vanessa Hudgens is about none superheros living in a super hero world. Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) lands a job in an insurance company. The company tries to come up with products that can protect civilians from the damage of superhero/super-villain fights. The show was funny and interesting but short lived.

Imaginary Mary (2017)


Imaginary Mary is staring Jenna Elfman best know from (Dharma & Greg). The show is about a successful women who got into a relationship with a man who has 3 children. Entering that relationship brought back her childhood imaginary friend Mary to help her cop with her new life. The show is very funny and cute. I really hoped it was longer than that but ended after one season.

Everything Sucks (2018)


Everything Sucks sucked for me… I didn’t think it was funny. it was very dramatic and all over the place. That’s all I can say about it.

All About the Washingtons (2018)


All about the Washingtons felt like a cheap replica of fresh prince…. They were trying very hard to make it seem funny. It wasn’t that funny.

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