Anime Review: New Game!

General Information:

Type: TV
Genres: Game, Slice of Life, Comedy
Season: 2
Episodes: 24 (12 each season)
Aired: Jul 4, 2016 to Sep 19, 2016 / Jul 11, 2017 to Sep 26, 2017
Premiered: Summer 2016, Summer 2017
Producers: Frontier Works, Kadokawa Shoten, Movic, AT-X, Delfi Sound, Sony Music Communications, Houbunsha, MAGES., Lawson, Media Factory
Licencors: Funimation
Studios: Doga Kobo
Source: 4-koma manga
Rating: PG-13


Since childhood, Aoba Suzukaze has loved the Fairies Story game series, particularly the character designs. So when she graduates from high school, it is no surprise that she applies to work at Eagle Jump, the company responsible for making her favorite video game. On her first day, she is excited to learn that she will be working on a new installment to the series: Fairies Story 3—and even more so under Kou Yagami, the lead character designer.

In their department are people who share the same passion for games. There is Yun Iijima, whose specialty is designing monsters; the shy Hifumi Takimoto, who prefers to communicate through instant messaging; Hajime Shinoda, an animation team member with an impressive figurine collection; Rin Tooyama, the orderly art director; Shizuku Hazuki, the game director who brings her cat to work; and Umiko Ahagon, the short-tempered head programmer.

New Game! follows Aoba and the others on their adventure through the ups and downs of game making, from making the perfect character design to fixing all the errors that will inevitably accumulate in the process.

​It has been a year since Aoba Suzukaze started working at the Eagle Jump game company. In that time, she and her eccentric coworkers in the character design department have worked hard to release the company’s newest game: Fairies Story 3. With their latest title now complete, a new project must begin—starting with a contest to decide the character designs for the upcoming game. Through hard work, dedication, and some guidance from the previous character designer, Kou Yagami, Aoba wins the contest and begins her new role as lead character designer.

However, her new job is not an easy one. In addition to having extra work and longer hours, Aoba questions whether she is the right fit for the job. New Game!! continues as Aoba overcomes her inexperience with the help of her friends and coworkers, willing to face any challenge to make Eagle Jump’s newest creation, a cutesy game called Peco. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


New game is a moe anime about a game development studio… or to be precise its about a girl working in a game development studio and the girls working with her. Whats interesting about this anime is that it has a good balance between the cuteness, yuri subtext, character interaction and it goes into detail about the process a game goes throw in development. Which is something you don’t see in every anime out there. They usually focus on only one aspect of the story. I also loved the fact that all the characters got their fair share of screen time. Also there was the fact that some character were designers and others were programmers which was interesting.

My favorite episode was when Nene got into programming and realized that game development wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I also approve of all the ships in the anime all the couples are so cute and don’t try to convince me that they are not together. I very much enjoyed the anime and I think that anyone would enjoy it.

Overall Rate: 8/10

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