Game Review: Nights of Azure 2


Long ago, the great battle against the monstrous Nightlord left a lasting effect on the world. Foul creatures, known as “Fiends,” surfaced during the night, leaving humans with only the light of the sun as their ally. A world that would never sleep.

An agent of the Curia, Aluche, is given orders to guard her close friend and now-priestess, Liliana. After fighting fierce battle after battle, the two eventually find their way to the Curia, only to discover a cruel truth. Liliana had been chosen to be the next sacrifice, the “Bride of Time,” one fated to be offered up to the Moon Queen. Filled with despair and shock, Aluche begins to carry out her mission of escorting Liliana to the Moon Queen’s location. However, they never make it. On the way, they’re attacked by a fierce fiend, and Aluche dies in battle.

When next she wakes, she discovers that she has been brought back from the dead as an artificial half-demon. According to a Curia researcher, Liliana was nowhere to be found, leading them to come to the conclusion that she had been taken to the ruined city. The newly revived Aluche makes her way there in hopes of saving her friend, an unwanted, dark power lurking within her body.

General Information:

Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Gust
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platform: Windows, PS4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch
ESRB: T – Teens
Release Date: October 24, 2017


Where should I start with this review… I’ve played the first game of the series and I’m already a fan. So I was waiting for this game release. I couldn’t decide if Aluche was as cool as Arnice or if the game would be as gay as the first one. I was trying to avoid spoiler and wanted to experience the game as it came out. Turn out that the game is a full fledged yuri/harem (don’t try to convince me other wise).

Gameplay wise the first game was very repetitive. I was hoping that the second game wouldn’t be as repetitive known Koei Tecmo though that was too far fetch. The game had only 6 to 7 maps which were not much. However the Story line made the fame interactive and you won’t feel the weight of the repetitiveness unless you start working on the side quests.

Fighting wise I really like Aluche’s abilities. However I miss having more than two monsters as companions. Having to choose only two monster created its own challenge where you have to choose wisely before going to any mission.

Overall Rate: 4/5

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