Short Lived Drama TV Shows

Here is a list of short lived TV drama, They didn’t get a Season 2:



Containment is about a killer virus that breaks out in a city and the government trying to contain it so it wouldn’t spread out to the public. The story is about the struggle of the uninfected people who want to get out of the containment flied and those who are trying to find the cure. It was an interesting show to watch. even though the idea isn’t unique. It was still enjoyable to watch and had a good run.

Emerald City


Emerald city is The Wizard Of OZ spin-off and an interesting one at that. Dorthy had a bit of a different personality and so did the world. The story felt more mature and brutal. It made more sense to me being told that way. I really enjoyed the show. I don’t think it requires a season two… and If it were to have a season 2 I think they would just be dragging the show and it won’t really add anything to the story.



Frequency is about a female cop who lost her dad when she was little, he was a cop too. One day she finds her dad’s old radio and discovers that she can contact him from the past. She warns him about how he was going to die and the story goes on. The show felt a bit too dramatic for my taste. However it did have its moments



Guilt is about an American girl who’s studying in UK. She wakes up one day to find her boyfriend killed next to her and the police suspect her of killing him. The show revolves around the girl trying to find evidence to prove her innocence. The show takes you a full roller-coaster.  It was an interesting show to watch. There was alot I didn’t like about it but it was still interesting and even the ending was so.



Gypsy is about a Shrink who is addicted to living in her patients. She tries not to let the people effect her while she lives a double life and shrinks the people in her patients lives without them knowing. However playing such a game got her in real trouble… and that’s what the show is about. I didn’t like it one bit…



The show follows a news anchor reporter/show hostess. Who’s trying to solve a murder. The show wasn’t all that good and it wasn’t bad. It felt like the plot was going around in circles and they didn’t know where to go with it. I thought That it would get another season but it didn’t.

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