Personal Update

It’s been 6 years since my last personal update…. I thought I should do one every now and then to keep checking on myself. I’ve graduated from my Mechanical Engineering Diploma back in 2014. Also January 2014 my grandmother passed away… she was one of the closest people to my heart. I wasn’t well at all after that.

I received a job opportunity shortly after from the Ministry of Interior on my first diploma which is Computer programming. I thought it would be a good idea to take the job to cover the expenses of my bachelors study in Mechanical Engineering. So I did and 6 months after getting employed I went back to studying. It was okay at first… I needed the distraction… however it wasn’t distracting enough. I also began to feel overwhelmed with all the work that needed to be done for college specially since I didn’t used to drive at the time.

After 2 years in 2016 I got myself a car I thought things would get easier since I’m driving… but boy were the streets stressful. I joined the Anime Club in college and shortly after my last personal update and by 2015 I was the president of the club. We organized several events in college and it was fun as it lasted. I was awarded Best Club Leader in college. I got experience in organizing events and learned about what team work means. I also learned how to make Logos and posters. Which was a bonus for me. I was also lucky to meet some wonderful people through the club.

Anime club logo that I made

Sometime before I left the Club I was preparing to start my own company. I always wanted there to be a local manga Publication company in my country. However I’m not an artist so I needed someone to start with. The idea at first was to find a artist to make the story I wrote. back in 2011 titled All You Need is One or my next story in development that I started in 2013 as a one shot manga that will be the beginning of a bigger story. I was chatting with a friend back then about how I wanted to start an Entertainment company called Enlited. He was kind enough to make me the logo.

Logo made by Darkvain (Jassem AlRumaidheen)

I thought we could start with a magazine and see where we could go from there. However I couldn’t find enough artist at the time. My dear friend Nalaxsuns was kind enough to help me start up the company. I thought it was a great idea since her manga is amazing! and that was our first publication back in April 2017 we released our first publication Lost Nickolas.

Lost Nickolas manga cover by Nalaxsuns

After that I went back to trying to make the magazine but before that I worked on a side project with my friends called The Mecha Frontier. We were a group of Gundam modelers and we were trying to bring back the Gunpla community to the country Or at least that was my intention and I thought it would be a way to help with my anxiety. I was desperate at that point I needed more distractions. It didn’t last long we only part took in one event. However we all continue to work on our Gunpla.After that Nalaxsuns helped me with coming up with a name for the magazine as well a logo design. The magazine Included 5 different manga and a light novel. It took a while to gather things and make it happen.

A lot was going on at the time I had a job and college and my father was very ill at the time. I was constantly anxious. He has been hospitalized and out of the hospital more frequently that year…There were no treatments left in my country that he could under go for his brain tumor.. He passed away October 2017. I started facing problems at work that became unbearable. So I handed in my resignation. It took me a while to get my act together try to focus on my life again.

We managed to release it in January 2018.

Kreeeek Logo made by Nalaxsuns

After the magazine release I got interviewed with a local TV program that were interested in the magazine idea. I thought that was a good step forward for the magazine. However, I was facing issues with my studies and still couldn’t get back on track. Shortly after the magazine Release Suuki11 the mangaka of Searching for dove which was one of the manga featured in the magazine finished volume one of her manga which made it as our second manga release.

Searching for Dove Logo by Suuki11

During summer 2018, I got expelled from college. At that point I seriously believed that my life couldn’t go better again… I was trying to get some legal documents for Searching for dove. When I released that I had to make the company official. So that was the next order of business. I also decided to start learning Japanese that summer. I couldn’t have started the company or get into courses without my friend’s encouragement.

I joined Japanese language classes at KU It was a fun experience. I also tried to figure out the legal system in the country of how to do paper work to start a company… which wasn’t fun but it was a necessity. Around the end of the Japanese course the last day… my grandfather passed away… and two days after my cousin passed away. 2018 was not kind to me… It was heartbreaking and shocking. It was very hard for me to make sense of whats going on. I had to pull my self together and managed to finish all the legal papers for the company, Also finished Japanese course Level 2.

Now in 2019

I’m planning to join Level 3 but still need to check if registration is available.

My friend Nalaxsuns encouraged me to work on developing a video game a well and I’m grateful for her constant encouragement. I’m currently developing a video game with her and 3 other people.

Lost Nickolas Regel’s Home

Also I’m grateful for Sorasky for designing the next issue of the magazine which is almost done. I will be released next month or the month after.

I’m slowly trying to finish the one shot of my story salvation with artist Shiredora.

I’ve also released Line Stickers that you can find in line Stickers store Click here.

Art by ElBaraa76

I hope 2019 is a better year.

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