Cartoon Review: Avatar – The Last Air Bender

General Information:

Create by: Michael Dante DiMartino & Bryan Konietzko
Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy-Drama
Original run: February 21, 2005 – July 19, 2008
No. of seasons: 3
No. of episodes: 61
Origin: United State
Original Language: English
Producer: Nickelodeon Animation Studios


More than a century before the events of the series begin, Fire Lord Sozin, ruler of the Fire Nation, planned a world war to expand his nation’s territory and influence. He was prevented from carrying out his plans by Avatar Roku, who was born in the Fire Nation. After Roku’s death, the Avatar was reincarnated as an airbender named Aang. Because the Avatar was now a child, Sozin saw his chance and proceeded with his militant plans. At the age of twelve, Aang learned about his avatar status because of the threat of Sozin’s war. Afraid of his new responsibilities and of separation from his mentor Gyatso, he fled his home on his flying bison, Appa. Aang was forced into the ocean by a storm; he entered the Avatar State and encased himself and Appa in suspended animation in an iceberg near the South Pole for one-hundred years. Sozin, knowing the avatar’s reincarnation cycle mandated an Air Nomad was the new Avatar, carried out a genocide against the Air Nomads during the passage of a once-a-century comet that increased the firebenders’ power, and continued his world conquest.


So I’m guilty of watching the avatar in the wrong order. I’ve watched Legend of Korra before watching the Last Airbender. I’m gonna review this without comparing the two.

The beginning of the Last airbender felt like I was watching Digimon The way the characters came together. Their adventure was so innocent and fun to watch and it felt like they were going through both a journey of self discovery and the avatar filling his duty. The fact that it took them 3 seasons to fight the final boss was amazing it gave the cartoon a depth that I’ve never seen in any other cartoon before. The story was well rounded. It had a good beginning and a good end. All the points were covered in the story. All The questions were answered. There was a great relationship dynamic between the characters.

The villains in the cartoon were great and they had interesting complexity that again I haven’t seen in a cartoon before. I love the pets they had in the cartoon and the fact that they didn’t make the none bender completely useless. He’s no Asami but he’s still useful (sorry I had to). Now about the ending… It was the most epic ending I’ve seen in a cartoon that battle was amazing. Its a must watch cartoon.

Overall Rate: 9/10

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