Comic Book Review: Mother Panic


The Undoing are coming. Long past the Age of Heroes, few of Diana Prince’s friends survive, and most of her sisters

As part of the new DC’s Young Animal imprint, a bold new take on the world of the Batman comes from writer Jody Houser, artists Tommy Lee Edwards and Shawn Crystal and DC’s Young Animal mastermind Gerard Way—MOTHER PANIC VOL. 1: A WORK IN PROGRESS.

The shadow of the Bat falls over all of Gotham City, from its dark alleys to its glittering high-rises. But a new vigilante has just stepped away from that shadow, and she has her own brand of violent retribution to deal out to the city’s corrupt elites.

Meet Violet Paige, a rich young celebutante with a bad attitude and a worse reputation. No one would ever suspect that this tabloid-fodder wild child has a secret hidden beneath her spoiled heiress exterior—a secret that has driven her to become the terrifying force of vengeance against her privileged peers known as Mother Panic!

But even as Violet launches her all-out assault on the rich and twisted, her shaky allies threaten to betray her, and every one of Gotham’s guardians—from Batwoman to the Dark Knight himself—is hot on her trail. Will Mother Panic continue to strike terror into her enemies’ hearts? Or will her violent quest for justice reach an equally violent end?

General information:

Comic: Mother Panic

Written by: Jody Houser

Art by: Tommy Lee Edwards

Volumes: 2


This comic book was recommend to me by a friend. Boy am I glad she recommended me to it. So mother Panic is part of the DC Young Animal Series which was kicked off with the Milk Wars comics. After that each super hero got their own story and so did Mother Panic.

The story is about Violet Paige a Rich Kid from Gotham. She’s fighting crime so a few of Gotham’s infamous villains appear in the comic. She has a very interesting background story, also very interesting villains. The art of the comics is really good and its perfect for the kind of story being told. I also loved the visuals and how the story was told through the art.

I enjoyed every single page. I loved the showdown between Mother Panic and Batwoman. I loved how gory the story was. Its defiantly not for kids. Also the theme of the story and all reminded me a lot of Hack/slash. So if you enjoyed Hack/Slash you will love this.

Overall Rate: 9/10

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