Motion Comic: Lost Nickolas Chapter 2


The Kuwaiti manga Lost Nickolas by Nalaxsuns released its first motion Comic Today January 8th, 2022. Lost Nickolas is the first Kuwaiti manga to ever be Published. Its also the first Manga Published by Enlited Co Manga Publication back in 2016.

The Motion Comic Have been released in Celebration of five years since the release of the first Volume of the manga. The video features Amazing voice actresses Such as Mona Marshall (who voiced Doraemon), Brianna Knickerbocker (who voiced Ling Shenhua from Shenmue III), and the uprising voice actress Jenn Dupree. The Video was made and animated by Yomi1260 and supervised by Nalaxsuns. The art by Nalaxsuns. Digital Coloring by Shidoink. The music was made by Pixelona (Lead Singer of Eyeresist). Sound engineering by Boochi.

Place to read the manga:




Amera wanders the allies of workers’ town trying to escape the evil that’s coming after her and finds her father. When she stumbles upon a young man that leads her to Altinew’s office. Where she meets Jie and try to convince her to help her find her father. Who is amera? Where is her father? And why is she being chased?

General Information:

Genre: Adventure, Shounen, Comedy

Rated: 16+

Story and Art: By Nalaxsuns

Language: English

Page count : 146 pages

Enjoy the Motion manga!

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