Cartoon Review: Infinity Train

General Information:

Program Creator: Owen Dennis
Genre: Action, Science fantasy, Adventure
Original run: August 5, 2019 – April 15, 2021
No. of seasons: 4
No. of episodes: 40
Origin: United State
Original Language: English
Producer: Cartoon Network Studios


The series is set on a seemingly infinite train traveling through a barren landscape; the cars of the train contain a variety of bizarre and fantastical environments. The passengers on the train are people it picks up who have unresolved emotional issues or trauma. As they travel through the train’s cars, their adventures within give them the opportunity to confront and resolve their emotional problems, represented by a glowing number on their hand that goes down as they successfully confront these issues. Once they resolve their issues and their number reaches zero, a portal opens and they are able to leave the train and return home. (source: Wikipedia)


I’ve randomly came across this cartoon and I got to say its quite inspiring. The first season of infinity train was epic. The concept behind the cartoon is that when someone is facing life trouble of dilemmas they come across the infinity train. While they are aboard the train they need to solve different puzzle or mysteries in order to find a key for the next car. With each mystery solved it gets them closer to solving their own dilemma or issue.

It was other worldly. It talked about different and difficult topics such as following dreaming and creating relationships, the important things in life, and it was very inspiring. Which was exactly what I needed to watch.

Season Two was about friendship and self discovery. It had a different tone from the first season and a new main character. Season Three and four had a different tone, they were basically about the world, how it came to be what’s it all about why are the characters taking such journeys.

I should also mention the amazing people that brought us the show, show creator Owen Dennis (writer of Regular Show), Ashley Johnson, Kate Mulgrew, Lena Headey. I mean seeing those names was enough for me to go watch it what about you guys

The show was captivating because each season was about a different character with a different Narrative. Yet some how they all lead to the same thing, basically being taught how to be Humans. I really enjoyed the cartoon. I don’t think it’s for kids audience. I would say its 13+.

I really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.

Rate: 9/10


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