My name is Sayuri cero,

This is my official website. Its updated to contain all my work.

About me:

I’m a hobbiest. I’m interested in pop culture and music. I’m a programmer, IT Tech and a Mechanical Engineer.

I enjoy a lot of things so I’ll list them down.

Writing – A web novel called All u need is one

Editing – Lost Nickolas Manga

Translation – I want to be Manga & Searching for Dove Manga.

Game Development – I got into game development in 2017 and started participating in game jams.

In Kuwait game Jam 2017 I made this game called i with another game developer and an artist The theme was Balance.

I’m currently working on a video game updates about that game will be available in my Skirmish account.

Photography – I enjoy Toy photography and Landscape Flickr.

Back in 2017 I’ve won First Place in a photography contest organized by CosplayerHQ con

CosplayerHQ First place winner picture

Gundam Plastic Modeling – I Love building Gundam and plastic models in general. You can find videos of my plastic modeling in my YouTube channel and the blog.

Back in 2013 I’ve won First place in Plamo con for my Gundam.

The First Place Winner Gunpla

Blog – Contains Entertaining topics that I hope you’ll enjoy. (Its mostly anime reviews)

Back in 2013 I’ve won the Gold Madel in Manga Olympics for Bloggers.

MOB for sayuri

For more updates:

Twitter: @sayuricero
Ask: SayuriCero
Instagram: @Sayuricero
Keek: Sayuricero
YouTube: Sayuri328
Flickr: seri-cero
My anime list: sayuri-cero
My figure collection: Sayuricero
PSN: Sayuricero
Twitch: Sayuricero

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