Super Neptunia RPG Coming This Fall

Originally posted on The Yuri Empire:
The game formerly known as Brave Neptunia has a new name and release date. Look forward to the latest Neptunia spinoff title in Super Neptunia RPG. Plot Summary: There was once a primitive form of entertainment software that ruled the world: 2D games. In one of infinite dimensions, the…

Major Senran Kagura Announcements

Originally posted on The Yuri Empire:
Early this week a special Marvelous livestream dedicated to Senran Kagura aired where several announcements related to the franchise were made across several platforms. Let’s begin with the Nintendo Switch announcements. First of all is the heavily promoted Shinobi Refle; -Senran Kagura-. From the looks it it’s a…

FLOWERS: Le Volume sur Printemps Now Available on Steam

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The wait is over and this time with the combined efforts of @Merumeruchan, @TheTimeDesu and others the translation and presentation will be more acceptable. Update: NOW it’s available worldwide. Pick the game up HERE with a 10% 1st week discount In case there are readers who still have…

News: Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps- Limited Edition

The Japanese Yuri visual novel Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps- got a change of release date from fall 2015 to Spring 2016. The game will be published by JAST USA for PC. The game demo is already available HERE. Flowers website also had pre-order of the game’s limited edition version. The Limited Edition of the … More News: Flowers -Le Volume Sur Printemps- Limited Edition

News: God Eater Resurrection Announcement

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced a remake of the PSP game God Eater Burst which will be titled God Eater Resurrection for both Playstation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will be released in Japanese on October 29th, 2015. The game also has new and improved features: New ‘Predator Style’ combat added, allows players to … More News: God Eater Resurrection Announcement