The Last of Us

The long awaiting game The Last of Us will be released next month. General Information: Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Platform: PlayStation 3 Release date: June 14, 2013 Genre: Action-Adventure, Survival Horror Mode: Single-player, multiplayer Official Trailer: Official Website They are also releasing two different collectors edition: Post-Pandemic Edition Survival Edition

Tomb Raider

The Square Enix game Tomb Raider is coming out March 5, 2013. The pal version had an early release but the collector’s edition is yet to come. The collectors edition will come in 3 different versions. Collector’s edition NA version: Collector’s edition PAL version: Survival edition: Ps: the survivor edition is also pal This is … More Tomb Raider

.hack//Versus + .hack//The Movie Hybrid Pack

About the Game: The game is based on the .hack manga and anime series. The game comes in a limited edition of Tsukasa (Versus) The World]]. In addition there will also be a limited version called THE WORLD Edition, including .hack//Beyond the World, the game. reversible DVD cover theater program, 25 jacket sized posters, 48 … More .hack//Versus + .hack//The Movie Hybrid Pack

Persona 4 Arena

About the Game: The game is set over two years after Persona 3 FES‘s The Answer, and two months after Persona 4‘s True Ending. As a result of Teddie’s sudden disappearance in Inaba, his comrades from the Investigation Team begin watching the Midnight Channel, where random people are often seen, in hopes of spotting him. … More Persona 4 Arena

Video Game Releases

This year 3 of my favorite games were released which I was waiting for for a while now. Final Fantasy XIII-2: February 3, 2012 Silent Hill Downpour: March 13, 2012 Resident Evil – Operation Raccoon City: March 20, 2012