Game Review: Bayonetta 2

About Bayonetta 2: A few months after the events of the original Bayonetta… Something strange is happening. Angels suddenly appear on the streets and begin to attack. Bayonetta tries to fight back using her powers, but the demon she summons turns against her! Jeanne saves Bayonetta during the battle, but gets dragged down to Inferno. … More Game Review: Bayonetta 2

News: Bayonetta 2

The wait is almost over, Bayonetta 2 is coming out October 24. The game will include the first game as well as some Nintendo features. General Information: Platform: Wii U Publisher: Nintendo Creator: PlatinumGames Release Date: October 24, 2014 Here is the latest Bayonetta 2 Direct: Here is the game package video: For more information … More News: Bayonetta 2

E3 2014 Highlights

There were a lot of games that have been revealed in E3 this year. This post will contain the ones I’m most excited about. Bayonetta 2 Platform: Wii U Genre: RPG Release Date: October 2014 Trailer: I must say that Nintendo made Bayonetta totally ridicules but I still dig it! Child of Light Platform: Ps … More E3 2014 Highlights


Ever since I’ve played the first game of BAYONETTA, I’ve been hoping they would release a sequel and it’s finally here!! Her new look is so awesome the game trailer/game play looked amazing!! Though its only for Wii U so that means I should go buy one. General Information: Platform: Wii U Publisher: Nintendo Creator: … More BAYONETTA 2