Event: Global Game Jam 2017

GLOBAL GAME JAM 2017: Kuwait 19-21 January 2017 @ Dasman Complex What is it? A game jam is an event for developing games, whether video games, tabletop or otherwise. Global Game Jam is one of the biggest game creation jams! Its three days long. On the first day, we will announce the theme of this … More Event: Global Game Jam 2017

E3 2014 Highlights

There were a lot of games that have been revealed in E3 this year. This post will contain the ones I’m most excited about. Bayonetta 2 Platform: Wii U Genre: RPG Release Date: October 2014 Trailer: I must say that Nintendo made Bayonetta totally ridicules but I still dig it! Child of Light Platform: Ps … More E3 2014 Highlights

E3: Square Enix 2013

There wasn’t exactly a Square Enix press conference but SquareEnixPresents youtube account covered what happened at E3 concerning Square Enix. Here is a video: Square Enix are releasing several titles for several platforms. Four of the titles that were announced were from the Final Fantasy series. DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION – DIRECTOR’S CUT Deus Ex: … More E3: Square Enix 2013