Anime Review: Gangsta


General Information:

Type: TV
Genres: Action, Drama, Seinen
Episodes: 12
Aired: Jul 2, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015
Premiered: Summer 2015
Producers: Bandai Visual, Frontier Works, Lantis, DAX Production, Tokyo MX
Licencors: FUNimation Entertainment
Studios: Manglobe
Source: Manga
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)


In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch. Follow the “Handymen,” Nic and Worick, who take care of the jobs no one else will handle. A new group attempts to muscle in on their block and the cops enlist them to weed out the upstarts no questions asked. The only thing is, there’s a witness to the slaughter that they absolutely refuse to silence, so they decide to take her in instead.



Gangsta. is a pretty brutal anime. Its full of action and its very good action wise. The story started well, it had a good build up and the events made sense. The more characters that were introduced the more complicated the story have gotten. There was very good character development for sure. Everything was smooth in the anime until they made that recap episode that was supposed to explain who’s what… then thing kind of went downhill from there. I’m not sure where they were going with the ending. I have to say though that Manglobe did a great job with the animation. The Fighting scenes were Epic. The voice actors were great specially Tsuda, Kenjirou. There were lots of great voice actors in the anime but he was the best. Overall the anime is good. Maybe if it had a second season I would like it better. Its worth the watch.

Overall Rate: 7/10

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